Friday, 14 November 2008

Toeing the Party Line

I was approached by a television news crew in the town centre yesterday afternoon. They wanted my opinion on the tragic death of Baby P. and naturally I 'Toed the Party Line'.

"Terrible Tragedy, blah, blah, blah."

Complete Nonsense of course apart from the first bit, but to say anything else risks far more than just expulsion from the party. Like so many other people with children I am not prepared to risk speaking out against Social Services for one simple reason.

Fear of Reprisals.

Anyone who thinks this view is itself nonsense or paranoia are invited to examine the case of Lisa Arthurworrey, a former Haringey Council social worker convicted of waging a prolonged campaign of harassment against a neighbour which included falsely accusing her of being involved in a pedophile ring.

Nor is this an isolated incident. Every year there are literally hundreds of complaints alledging harassment and threatening behaviour by social workers. Very few of these are ever upheld and even fewer get to court for exactly the same reason. Fear of Reprisals.

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