Saturday, 1 November 2008

DoverWatch - The Resurrection

It's been more than two years since DoverWatch was forced offline after I posted a video showing Dover District Council staff inhaling rather large quantities of Peruvian Marching Powder at a staff social event. Staff which are still in the paid employ of Dover District Council despite it having a well publicised and, allegedly, very strict anti-drugs policy at the time.

Well it seems that the problem is much larger than previously thought. So much larger that in order to avoid crippling essential services, the council was forced to adopt a more lenient Drugs and Alcohol policy earlier this year despite objections from some councillors who felt it was too lenient.

So, Zero Tolerance for Dover but not for Dover District Council and it's employees.

So what's prompted me to resurrect DoverWatch after so long? Well now... That would be getting back from a business trip to hear the news that the often sarcastic and sometimes unbelievably spiteful Viviane Revell had won the local election for the St Radigunds seat on the Town Council.

Ms Revell is also District Councillor for Maxton, Elms Vale and Priory ward where she sits on both the Licensing Committee and the Licensing Advisory Committee. Which, we are led to believe, takes up a considerable amount of her time as she works so very, very hard for Dover and it's residents.

So where on earth is she going to find the time to take care of her Town Council duties and much more importantly, which one is going to suffer in the inevitable event of a clash between Town Council and District Council?

I expected we're going to hear a lot of 'apologies for absence' from Ms Revell in the future.

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