Saturday, 2 April 2011

Over Our Dead Bodies!

I was much amused to see Bob Goldfield's pathetic attempts to bribe DHB staff and their families fail so spectacularly.

With more than 97% of the Dover residents who turned out voting in favour of a 'People's Port' , it was as clear a message telling him where to stick his proposal as you can get.

As you would expect from someone with 'close ties' to the Tories, he's blaming the whole thing on his staff for "not getting DHB's message across to the public".

This is complete nonsense of course. The residents of Dover understand his proposal only too well which is why they voted so overwhelmingly for the alternative.

Naturally this hasn't stopped him from 'bending ears' and 'making promises' up in London, and while he might describe this as 'getting his message across' it still looks like plain old fashioned bribery to me.