Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Erm... Did you know the window was open?

Last week's Olympic Gold Medalist in the Leaping to Conclusions event is the area manager for a well known high street retailer who was seen, and heard, shouting abuse at a female member of staff on Friday morning.

It turns out that not only was the poor girl innocent of any wrongdoing, but had in fact been deliberately 'setup' by another member of staff. I suspect the consequences of this are going to be far more serious for the area manager than for the real culprit as this is not the first time she has 'crossed the line' in this fashion. It is certainly no coincidence that the previous manager of this particular branch was forced into early retirement by a stress induced heart-attack within three months of her being appointed to the post.

To behave like this in front of other staff was rather stupid to say the least. But to do it in front of an open window above the front entrance in full view and hearing of members of the public passing underneath...

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