Monday, 11 May 2009

Panic in da House

I heard a rumour this morning that certain members of the leadership have been discussing the possibility of calling an immediate general election.

If true, I can only assume that they are hoping this most singular act of desperation will distract attention from the expenses row and allow them to quietly sweep it under the rug during the fuss attending the run up to a general election.

This may save individual MPs, particularly if they fail to retain their seat as the tabloids will probably lose interest once they are out of office. Their readership certainly will as the majority of them have the attention span of a four year old. But in doing so, it will almost certainly destroy the Labour Party as an effective force in British politics. The 'two horse race' will once again be the sole province of the tories and the liberals.

However what's far more likely is that this rumour is simply an expression of the sense of panic prevalent amongst MPs as they await further revelations.

More importantly, it shows that new labour MPs simply do not care about the party or the people who elected them. It shows how they're willing to sacrifice this party's future to save their own miserable hides.

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