Thursday, 14 May 2009

But which one is the bigger joke?

I heard an appallingly bad joke from one of our activists last night.

After many, many years of hard work researchers have finally identified who put the c**t into Scunthorpe. They can now say with large degree of certainty that it was the people who voted for Elliot Morley MP.

This of course is a reference to his admission that he continued to claim £800 per month in mortgage payments for full 18 months after it had been paid off in 2006. Naturally he is claiming that this was a mistake and not a blatant fraud which would have landed anyone else in front of the local Crown Court.

While in extremely poor taste, this does show just how far the labour party has fallen when party activists are mocking the MPs they worked so hard to get elected in the first place.

MP repays mortgage expense error

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  1. Knock, Knock.

    Who's There?

    Police Mr Morley. We'd like a word with you about your expenses.