Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Another one rides the bus

Another new labour MP jumped on the tory's bandwagon this morning by offering to repay 'all' of the money claimed for "fittings, furniture and household items" for his second home over a five year period.

All this might seem like a good start but in reality is nothing more than a token gesture with the very worst offenders being conspicuously silent on the matter. It's certainly no coincidence that most of those making this 'gesture' have much smaller majorities than would be considered 'safe' under normal circumstances.

By comparison the Metropolitan Police - an organisation with a long history of corruption, greed and professional misconduct - arrested three of it's officers yesterday in connection with a number of offences relating to inflated expenses claims, including misconduct in a public office, conspiracy to defraud, theft and false accounting.

Anger grows over Hope's expenses
Labour minister to repay £41,709
Officers arrested over expenses

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  1. One question no one seems to have asked is how a former teacher just happened to have over £41,000 lying around to repay.