Thursday, 14 May 2009

Monochromatic Lunacy

I've just seen the Green's new European election campaign and I have to admit I've never seen a more blatantly opportunistic power-grab in my entire life.

The Green Party is offering itself as an 'alternative' to parties which are "mired in sleaze" with their leader, Caroline Lucas saying the party promised a "positive and clean" brand of politics.

The Greens are promising to save the environment, the economy and create a million new jobs as well. They plan to do this by pouring around £44bn into crackpot energy schemes which even the scheme's supporters freely admit cannot supply our energy needs now or ever.

The Greens plan to fund this by scraping nuclear weapons and nuclear power, along with windfall taxes on non-renewable energy firms and anyone else they consider to be environmentally unfriendly. They believe this would raise about £19bn with the rest coming from government borrowing.

The Greens describe this as a "Green New Deal".

And to round it off, their symbol for this plan is a poster sized banknote bearing the head of Caroline Lucas like some petty third world dictator.

Quite frankly, a far more appropriate place for her head would be on a pike in front of the polling station as a warning to voters that there are worse things than the UK Independence Party.

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