Monday, 15 June 2009

Two whats-its-names with one rumour?

Political commentators such as Paul Staines, a.k.a Guido Fawkes, and myself are not infallible. To misquote former Tory Prime Minister John Major - We're Bloggers, not Clairvoyants.

However as Guido was recently forced to point out once again, we do this mostly for our own amusement. If others are also amused and entertained then that's fine too.

An excellent example of us 'getting it wrong' was the BNP gaining two seats in the European Parliament when we both predicted they didn't have a hope in hell. Those predictions were based on published polls which only goes to show how you can be led astray by bad information.

So when Guido posted about James Purnell offering to stand against Gordon Brown, he also mentioned it was unconfirmed in nice bright red lettering and that he was attempting to check it.

Then along comes Alex Smith - yes, that Alex Smith - this weekend with a post on LabourList saying,

"It was good to get one over the self-confessed trouble-maker"

I can only assume that this is some personal definition of 'troublemaker' which includes those who uncover despicable smear campaigns by 'special advisors' and criminal activity by MPs.

Smith also wondered if Guido's source might be the "patsy" in

"a wider counter-plot of unsubstantiated behind-the-scenes forces trying to smear and discredit Purnell and others who had been bold enough to criticise Brown's leadership"

That would be the blackshirts Alex as you very well know.

The question Guido is asking over on Order-Order is why Jonty Pryor would go to all this trouble.

Well... Jonty isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer by any means but he does have a certain degree of 'native cunning' as it used to be called. Furthermore, he is one of Smith's own and Smith as we all know, was a close associate of Draper.

I also heard from a reliable source that Damien McBride has resurfaced. Quietly and without fuss. Now operating behind the scenes much as I suspected he would.

Anyone else notice a certain familiar pattern emerging here?

Yes indeed. Who else would have the motivation to sabotage Purnell and try to make Guido look like an idiot at the same time?

Guido: punk'd by a patsy?

Who Punk’d Guido Over Purnell?

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