Thursday, 4 June 2009

Election Day

Election day is finally here. By ten o'clock tonight it will be all over bar the shouting as the saying goes. We won't actually know the European results until Sunday evening as voting is spread out over four days with 18 countries not actually voting until Sunday.

Members of the mainstream parties and various church 'officials' are still predicting a large increase in support for extremists such as the BNP despite the polls clearly showing they have little chance of winning even a single seat.

Locally, people are seeing the Green party as a more reasonable alternative and on the face of it they do seem to be.

Unfortunately this is simply not true. The Greens are also extremists and just as racist as the BNP, but where the BNP have never tried to conceal their intent to 'repatriate' non-whites regardless of citizenship. The Greens have hidden their racist agenda, disguising it as 'ecological concerns'.

The reality is the Green Party is part of the same de-industrialisation lobby as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. They would much rather see children starving than allow third world countries to build the infrastructure they so desperately need. Yet at the same time are perfectly happy to allow western industrial interests to exploit those countries' mineral and other resources for their own profit.

Naturally when anyone questions their actions, they trot out the standard excuse used by every extremist in history - "It's for their own good".

Closer to home the Greens want to see the introduction of energy rationing and an end to what they claim are non-essential industries which they see as unproductive and wasteful.

With water treatment having a certain degree of energy dependence and proposed restrictions on groundwater extraction, water rationing would soon follow.

Their plans to invest in windfarms and other crackpot energy schemes which they are perfectly well aware cannot supply even the most minimal of our energy needs, while at the same time opposing more realistic options such as 'clean' coal and nuclear energy, is simply deranged.

Caroline Lucas once remarked to yours truly that she didn't need to understand nuclear energy in order to oppose it.

Yet she is also opposed further hydro-electric developments in this country and the third world despite this being the cleanest, most efficient and, in the long term, the cheapest form of energy production currently available. It's also a 'renewable' energy source.

A rather strange attitude for someone who supports fair trade with third world countries, but I suppose she doesn't understand hydro-electric energy either.

The Greens 'reason' for opposing such technologies is the environmental disruption caused by construction work. Apparently windfarms don't need to be constructed. If we all concentrate hard enough we can just wish them into being. They'll even set up "eco-camps" where we can learn to concentrate properly.

The real giveaway of course, was the way one of their activists 'warned' me that they would win one day and those who had opposed them would be remembered.

In the same way the Nazis remembered those who had opposed them no doubt.


  1. Excellent post. I have lifted it to my blog. Hope you don't mind...
    Please also see this article from my local paper...Fear mongering greens condemn children to death...

  2. Of course not. Providing you do me the curtesy of acknowledging the source and provide a link back to the original, you may use any of the material here as you wish.

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  4. heh. You are quite right of course. I can only plead mitigating circumstances - too much American reading material and an American spellchecker - before throwing myself on the mercy of the court.

    Of course, had I looked at your blog BEFORE replying to your comment that spelling mistake would never have occurred.