Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Another Campbell Classic?

Alastair Campbell made the first move in what could be a bold plan to protect Gordon Brown as he clings desperately to the post of Prime Minister - and possibly his continuation as an MP if he ever agrees to return to the back benches - when he told MPs at a special Speakers Conference that MPs detained under the Mental Health Act should not automatically lose their seats.

Campbell said that many MPs including members of Tony Blair's government had mental problems but were afraid to admit it in case it was used against them.

However his most revealing statement was

"I completely accept that somebody could become so severely mentally ill for such a sustained period of time that they just could not do an important public position."

To which he added that such a case could be dealt with by party leaders and whips in the same way other problems were handled.

With Campbell having suffered from depression himself in the past, it would be easy to view this as a genuine attempt to eliminate what is arguably a form of discrimination.

Were it not for the simple fact that no MP has ever been excluded from Parliament for this reason.

End 'sectioned' MP ban - Campbell

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