Thursday, 25 December 2008

aaahh Christmas!

A time of good cheer where family, friends and colleagues gather together, eat, drink, get tipsy...

And discuss confidential information loudly in Very Public Places.

Last month I wrote about an incident involving the area manager of a well known high street retailer and an open window. Those of you who missed it can catch up <here>.

Well, it seems that the young lady on the receiving end of that rather unfortunate misunderstanding is in fact working with the company's security department to investigate significant losses relating to lottery scratch cards. Furthermore, the principle suspect in this investigation is none other that the real culprit responsible for the incident which led to last month's hullabaloo. A fact she is well aware of.

All of which suggests a rather different motive for her actions.

I’m reminded of an espionage case in the US where the mole’s handlers panicked and arranged for a message to be sent implicating someone else, thus proving conclusively that the Soviets knew that particular communications channel had been compromised and that the investigators were on the right track.

Oh Grandmother, what a big mouth you have.
Yes my dear, all the better to put my foot in it!

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