Monday, 28 November 2011

Minister, if I might suggest...

I was much amused to hear that the Cabinet Secretary, Gus O'Donnell - or Sir Gusset as I’ve heard him referred to in a rather typical schoolboy(ish) fashion on more than one occasion - has been whinging to the Public Administration Select Committee that the Freedom of Information Act is interfering with his ability to give advice to ministers.

One particular complaint, which he made in his usual roundabout fashion, was that he could not guarantee that the information would remain private if ministers were to speak "without fear or favor" when they disagreed with something.

Which is complete and utter nonsense of course.

Sir Gusset’s own death might interfere with his ability to give us the 'benefit of his wisdom' but it’s not something I would care to bet on. One thing I am fairly certain of is that nothing as trivial as a mere Act of Parliament is likely to.

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