Saturday, 12 March 2011

Another long Gap

Normally this is where I would make some pathetic sounding excuse about my workload and not having enough time.

The fact that it’s true. I do have an enormous workload which leaves me with barely enough time to do what I need to, never mind anything else is besides the point.

“I didn’t have time" still sounds like a pathetic excuse.

However on this occasion it was a security problem and not a lack of time.

This is nothing new of course. I’m used to the amateurish attempts to break into my email account which often follow postings about the Labour Party or Dover District Council.

I’m also used to the light-hearted attempts of a certain town councillor to ferret out the same information and certainly wouldn’t want him to stop.

However this was very different.

It was far too persistent for one thing, having started somewhere around the beginning of September last year and continued on and off until just over six weeks ago.

It was also far more sophisticated, almost ‘professional’ in it’s approach and while the Techo-Rabbi is fairly certain the attempts were unsuccessful, he cannot guarantee that. Not that it would have helped as none of the accounts link back to me in any way.

However this did mean some fairly extensive changes were needed. I had to refrain from logging on to this blog and the accounts connected to it while this was ongoing to avoid any chance of the connection being traced. I couldn’t even risk changing the passwords.

The computer I use for writing and publishing this blog had to be wiped and re-installed to eliminate any traces which might have ‘slipped through the cracks’.

Finally, new ‘security arrangements’ had to be designed and put into place. Naturally this took some time but the Techo-Rabbi thought it was necessary and as I couldn’t do anything while the ‘attack’ was ongoing, I wasn’t going to argue with him. Particularly as he would be doing all the work.

That’s all done now. The new arrangements are in place. There has been no ‘hostile’ activity for six weeks and I’ve changed all the passwords so now I can get back to using pathetic sounding excuses about not having enough time.

Naturally I’m curious about what set this off but the only thing I can think of is the remark about a secret deal to sell off council housing stock which I closed my Simply Bad Management post with.

It was meant to be amusing but instead I seem to have touched a nerve.

A very, very raw one.

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