Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Artchas Coart Skool

By now everyone has no doubt heard about the ‘incident’ at Archers Court or as it is now known Dover Christchurch Academy.

There’s certainly been enough coverage of it in the media with some ‘parents’ actually supporting the actions of the pupils.

What hasn’t received much in the way of media attention is the injuries sustained by staff and pupils who refused to take part or were otherwise uninvolved. Nor has there been any significant coverage of the ongoing harassment and assaults on those pupils.

While I can’t say very much as I don’t wish to risk prejudicing the ongoing investigation. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to learn that this is due for the most part to pressure from KCC to ‘play it down’. One media outlet, the KM Group, actually went so far as to falsely claim that no one had been injured.

Naturally KCC are claiming this is for the benefit of the pupils and not simply to spare them the embarassment of having yet again failed miserably to address the ongoing problem of Archers Court.

As for those ‘parents’ who expressed their support. These are the same ones who support the closure of both grammar schools and Astor College because - they claim - it gives the pupils who attend them an “unfair advantage”.

By “unfair advantage” I suspect they mean it’s depriving their children of the opportunity to persecute anyone younger, smaller or more intelligent than them without fear of reprisal as they themselves did for far, far too many years.

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