Monday, 2 August 2010

Rogue Waves

I was at the Waves cafe in De Bradelei Wharf a couple of weeks ago when I overheard two of the staff discussing how they could get rid of the new cook.

Apparently one of them wanted ‘her’ job back.

Their idea was to plant something in the cook’s bag then inform the manager they had seen her put it there.

At the time I simply ignored it. I hear a lot of this sort of petty spiteful gossip - it’s difficult to avoid it given the size of my ears. A right ‘princely’ pair as one of my colleagues once joked.

However I was back there again at the weekend and was reminded of this rather nasty little tete-a-tete when I learned that the cook they were referring to had been dismissed last week - for theft.

Now this could simply be a coincidence of course, but as a friend in the Kent Constabulary once remarked,

Not even the Commissioner of the Met is stupid enough to believe that!

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