Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Very Narrow Escape

A young mother from Dover and her three year old daughter had a very narrow escape last Thursday when the brakes on her car failed completely just one week after the front discs had been replaced by a main dealership in Canterbury.

When examined by the AA at their garage in Whitfield, one of the brake lines was found to be split across the line and the other had become completely detached from the brake calliper assembly.

A few minutes research on the Internet made it very clear what had happened, even to a mechanical dunce like myself.

The giveaway was the repeated warnings to support the brake calliper assembly after it's removal and not to allow it's weight to place a strain on the brake lines or allow the lines to become 'kinked'.

The possible consequences of not supporting the weight of the callipers?

"The brake lines may split, crack or become detached."

I must admit to having something of a personal interest in this case as I also had new front discs from this very same dealership just over a month ago and given the way I drive, I am unlikely to have been so fortunate had this happened to me.

Naturally I'm having my brakes checked by the AA on Monday. Until then I shall be driving very, very carefully.

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