Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Misapplied Misdirection?

Former UK Independence Party MEP Tom Wise was charged with false accounting and money laundering on Monday following his arrest in June of last year. Tom Wise is the second UKIP MEP to face criminal charges related to his finances in recent years. In September 2007 Ashley Mote, MEP for South East England, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment after being convicted of 21 offences relating to benefit fraud.

However it is the timing of this which is significant and suggests a desperate attempt by Gordo's 'blackshirts' to distract attention away from themselves.

Whether this will actually work is anyone's guess, but it's interesting to compare the UK Independence Party's reaction to financial misconduct with that of our own. Where the labour leadership immediately leapt to the defence of Waccy-Baccy and the Four Lords of the Graft, even - it is alleged - to the extent of Waccy-Baccy ordering the City of London police to drop their investigation into the latter. The UKIP immediately suspended then later expelled both Ashley Mote and Tom Wise.

If Gordo's 'blackshirts' want to be sure of distracting attention then they should throw one of their new labour glove puppets to the wolves. It couldn't possibly cause the party anymore harm than they have already done and it's much safer than throwing a Tory. They would undoubtedly retaliate in kind with fairly predictable consequences.


  1. Well they got their distraction didn't they. Not sure it's quite what they wanted though :)

  2. I couldn't care how many UKIP MEPs are accused of expenses fiddles - I'll still vote for them. Most MEPs probably fiddle their expenses.

    In any case, isn't it curious that the EU sees fit to draw attention only to anti-EU parties? Not a bit biased, then.

  3. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Plod dropped the case against Tom Wise - AFTER the 4th.June elections !