Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Very Special Offer...

There's been a considerable amount of sniggering going on around here today, both school-boyish and otherwise, along with much gleeful reading aloud of excerpts from various newspapers and online articles. We especially liked Playboy TV's offer to supply all MPs with a special VIP subscription called the "Jacq off special" which they will even bill under the traditional titles of ‘entertainment’ or ‘personal trainer.’

And to cap it all, the icing on the cake was Gordo being overheard saying he wasn't going to sack Waccy-Baccy just because her idiot husband couldn't be trusted not to play with himself while she was away.

If anyone thinks we're being unfair to Ms Waccy-Baccy then let me remind you that she has done more damage to the party since being appointed Home Secretary than Peter Mandelson and the Four Lords of the Graft put together. Furthermore, like any playground bully she has taken a considerable amount of spiteful pleasure not only in dictating to other people what they can and cannot do in the privacy of their own homes, but also in rubbing their faces in the fact that she can.

And finally, let us not forget that she brought all this on herself because she couldn't resist the urge to falsify her expenses.

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