Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Coming Soon: Skunk - The Movie

Another piece of stupidity which came into effect yesterday was the re-classification of cannabis as a Class B drug. Something which Ms Waccy-Baccy has been pursuing for some time now despite incontrovertible evidence that cannabis is considerably less harmful than alcohol and that it's use has actually fallen since being downgraded to Class C by David Blunkett in 2004.

And once again we are being told that this is for our own good. That skunk cannabis - whatever the hell that is - is "lethal".

Hmm... This must be some alternative definition of the word 'lethal' which has not reached this part of England yet. I thought a lethal substance was something which brought about death when ingested yet I've not been able to find a single case, verifiable or otherwise, of anyone dying of a cannabis overdose. Not even this 'skunk' which Gordo seems so frightened of.

In fact, when I broached the subject to a senior physician of my acquaintance he was rather amused by it and suggested that next time I should try reading the research for myself. In short, cannabis does not kill!

Now a real skunk, that truly is something to be frightened of. It won't kill you either but as a former colleague of mine from the US once remarked "You're gonna wish it had." Apparently it's a bit like the old Mal-de-mer in that respect.

Still, at least the local dealers can look forward to a more prosperous year since it is absolutely certain that re-classification will stimulate demand and as a Class B drug, it will also command a higher price than before.

But then, that was the whole point wasn't it?

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